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Party Guidelines

A non-refundable deposit must be paid in advance to reserve and confirm your date. Your remaining balance will be due at the beginning of your event. 


We are a socks-only facility, all guests must remove their shoes in our designated entryway and wear socks while in our space. If a guest forgets socks, we have some for sale. Adults are able to bring slippers or indoor-only shoes. Strollers must remain up front as well (They are basically shoes!). Accommodations can be made for wheelchairs and shoes for medical purposes. Please reach out to discuss any concerns.


We welcome outside food for parties, though we are an allergen-friendly environment and no peanuts/tree nuts may be brought into the space. This includes foods fried in peanut oil or vegetable oil that contain peanuts. Alcohol is prohibited.


Your event rental is 3-hours long. If more time is required, please consider booking the last party of the day and booking additional time. Additional time must be approved in advance.

Hosts/Guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Please make sure all food items, decorations, etc are picked up prior to leaving. Our staff is able to help, and will deep clean the room once you leave. In the case of excessive damage or clean up, additional cleaning fees will apply and be charged. If there is a cleanup situation (e.g. cupcakes crumbles on the ground), please let us know right away so we can get it cleaned up before food is tracked into the play areas.


Food and drinks must be enjoyed at our café tables and in the party room only. Children need to eat and keep food in the party room (frosting is messy!); adults may eat at cafe tables. No food or drink is allowed in our play areas. After eating, we request that children clean their hands before playing. We have 20 cafe seats available in our cafe seating area. We do have a couch and cozy chairs for additional non-food seating. Many guests stand and chat, or utilize stools in the party room. Our party countertop includes 5ft of usable food and drink space. If more tablespace or seating is required. Please discuss with us in advance to make arrangements.


The host is responsible for all guests during the event. Should the need arise, staff will discuss any issues with the host. It is the sole discretion of The Little Village staff to terminate a party for continued issues and noncompliance.

Children need to be supervised at all times. Our space is designed and geared towards kiddos 0-6 years old. Older kiddos are welcome in the play areas as long as they play gently with the toys and acknowledge costumes are designated for the smaller ones. Any damage done by misuse of the space or items in the space will be the responsibility of the host(s).


Party decorations are allowed. Items that need hanging must be done so with Command Hooks or blue painters tape. Items hanging from the ceiling will need to be hung by staff and discussed and approved in advance of the party.  Glitter, pinatas, confetti, sparkling candles, bubbles, etc are not allowed. Contact us in advance for any questions about decorations. Balloons should not be popped in the facility (small balloon parts are a danger to small crawlers).

Party favors should be given at the end of the party for guests to take with them as they leave (favors with small parts, twist ties, and wrappers can be hard to clean-up and are a danger to small crawlers).

Damaged items: We clean and check toys and equipment before and after each party. If any damage is found to our equipment or space as a result of your party/guests behavior, the host is liable for replacement costs. You will be invoiced or charged prior to departure.

Additional Guests: Additional guests may be added with prior approval for a per person fee up to our max guest count. Please remember that the host family is included in the guest count.  If your guest count exceeds our maximum guest count during the event without prior approval, you will be charged a per person overage charge in addition to any applicable overage fees.

The party host assumes liability waiver consent for all guests. View our liability waiver. If you prefer, you may have each guest fill out a waiver for their own children.


By submitting a reservation payment, the host agrees to all of The Little Village’s Party Guidelines. It is the duty of the party host to inform their guests of rules and regulations regarding entry and usage of the space. 

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