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Party Packages

Let's jazz up that party, shall we?

We have party add-ons and packages to let you easily customize your party to fit your theme. 

Don't see what you're looking for? We can customize a package for you. Send us a quick email or stop in and we'll get started (custom packages require at least 3 weeks notice).


Food + Beverage

From donuts and pizza to catered sandwiches, pasta, and salads - we have tasty food available for you and yor guests to enjoy. 

Themed Decor

From princess parties and superhero parties to farm and space parties - we've got oodles of decor and props to choose from to kick your party up a notch.

Photo on right: Floral done by our awesome neighbors at Rustic Floral Boutique


Favors + Party Activities

From playdough kits to custom crayon kits, we're classing up the party bag, one favor at a time.  DIY playdough party more your style? Let's make it happen. 

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