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A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Check out our staff picks for the most givingest time of the year.


My top two must have items from the shoppe are the Fox leather purse and the Interlocking blocks pocket set.

The Fox leather purse is my daughter’s absolute favorite accessory to every outfit. It’s the perfect size for all her special treasures she collects on her adventures!

I love how these interlocking blocks encourage creative play. Plus they are the perfect size to slip into a diaper bag or backpack for fun on the go. They are great to whip out at a restaurant while you’re waiting for food or play in the car.

Jodi D.

Magnetic Dolls: I loved the paper dolls as a child. I had so much fun putting different outfits on them. I liked it better than Barbies or anything else because you could change their outfits so much easier. I love the size of the container because it would be easy to travel with in the car and to bring to somebody’s house.

Wooden block puzzles! I Purchased this for my grandchild. I love that there’s a scene side that can make a background for play. I love the puzzle side; there is a learning side. Not to mention plain old building blocks (all kids love those!). They are so well made and so much to do with these. Love the great value!


Books! Books! Books! I can't pick just one. I love books and would have whole rooms full of them if I could. Especially these beautifully illustrated picture books. I am a reader and love to cozy up and dive into a great book, and all our little books are a great way to create memories and instill the love of reading with your kids. These little books are a great way to finish up a long day and settle into a nighttime routine or just a great (screen free and calm) activity to do during the day. Plus kids love to have a little book of their own to carry around and 'read'. Even just looking at the pictures by themselves lets them create their own little stories and practice their big imaginations.


Tangrams are so fun. These sets are so well made–so soft and tactile. Tangrams combine a kids' desire to build and create and solve puzzles. They are great for early drawing & math learning to recognize shapes and patterns and combinations to make bigger more complex shapes. Bonus points: kids can follow the pattern cards or make their own creations.


I love everything. Ha! Since I pick the items in the shoppe, it’s hard for me to choose favorites. But…of the items that haven’t been picked by other staff, I would have to go with the sausage dog pull toy and the felt doll sets.

The sausage dog pull toy is just the cutest. These beautiful pull toys are hand made by a family in Lithuania. The husband is the woodworker and the wife is the artist (and their girls are the testers). Yay, family businesses! I think each piece they make is heirloom quality and simply beautiful - I love that they are made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials as well. Our son has the reindeer and loves dragging it (yep, he drags it) around the house.

The felt dolls. So simple, so cute. Each of our daughters (7 and 5) wants one for Christmas. The packaging is beautiful, and I like that there are boys and girls. Our son likes doing everything his sisters do; so this will be an activity they can do together. They love pretending their dolls and stuffed animals talk; so I’m excited to meet their new friends and discover their unique personalities (and voices!). Plus, I happen to have a lot of leftover felt and am excited to create new outfits for the dolls with my kiddos.

All staff picks have been added to the top of our shoppe page. These items are too cute to hang around long - get them before they're gone!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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