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Memberships are Back!

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We’re re-launching memberships! We’ve had a lot of interest in memberships lately (cold weather will do that), and our new programs are officially launched.

Our Play Passes are going away and we will instead be focusing our efforts on cultivating memberships. Don’t worry, if you still have passes, you may absolutely use them, we just won’t be selling any new passes.  We’ve been looking at Play Passes and Memberships for the past few months, and believe Memberships are better for our business long-term and also for our community. Many pass holders come once a week, several more than once a week. On the flip side, we actually have some Play Passes purchased over a year ago that haven’t been used yet!

We feel active participants form the backbone of The Little Village and foster a strong parenting community. Becoming a member is like being in a really fun club with other parents who are navigating parenthood (and toddlerhood) with you.

When we began The Little Village, we wanted to create a space, rooted in community, where our parenting community could truly thrive. We want to provide stay-at-home parents and caregivers a space, including tools, to make life with littles easier. This includes play-based learning and imaginative discovery, art enrichment, and other activities that make raising and educating a young child at home more accessible…and more fun! We want you to be a part of this journey with us.

Think Gym Membership

A Village Membership is like a gym membership…but for parental mental health and child enrichment. You know there’s always a calm place to bring your little to—during the good days and the bad—that will have you both feeling much better when you leave (there’s also less sweating).

For the cost of an affordable gym membership, you and your kiddos will enjoy included art activities, play experiences, and social-emotional learning opportunities - whenever you want, as often as you’d like.

Stop in for 30 minutes or 3 hours - we’re here for you.

Supporting Memberships

Supporting members form a strong community - the basis of The Little Village (it’s kind of what we’re all about). Not only do supporting memberships provide year-round support for our space, but for the families who are a part of them as well. It’s kind of like Cheers, but Norm is in a diaper and here for the smoothies.

Membership fees cover unlimited play each month during Open Play hours and worthwhile discounts on retail, coffee and cafe purchases (free drip coffee!), special events, space rentals, and workshops. Yep, it’s a pretty good deal. PLUS, members get early access booking to our special events (which sell out) like our Royal Tea Party or our Superhero Training Camp.

For supporting members, your yearly fees are paid monthly, making a supporting membership 38% less than a monthly membership.

Bonus: All Supporting Members who sign up by January 31, 2024 get their 13th month of membership FREE!

More Memberships, More Fun

Having a reliable financial base each month allows us to extend our offerings and staff-led activities - who wants a wind machine?! We are hard at work on our Little Learners Corner preschool activity packs which will be available in shoppe, or as free rentables for members. These kits offer easy educational enrichment activities with no prep for parents, which makes it so much easier to accomplish. Looking to summer, we are pulling together our summer camps and Summer Passport series, which will be a fun perk for members and have kiddos adventuring all over town. More info coming soon!

We offer plans for Single Child memberships and  family memberships (families with 3 or more kiddos).

Supporting Memberships are just $55 a month for families with one child with a one year commitment. Have an older kiddo in school? Buy a single membership and your older kiddo will just pay the sibling drop-in rate when they’re able to come.

Monthly Memberships are $89 for families with one child. This option is for families who want to take advantage of our unlimited open play and benefits, but may only want them over the winter months or over a maternity/paternity leave when they are home with the kiddos. 

Trial Membership (kind of like a play pass, but with perks). You get 6 passes to use over three months. This will give you a taste of membership life, see how often you come, and see if it’s right for your family. 

Become a Member today and start enjoying your perks.

Thanks, as always, for your support!

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