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The Little Village Is Coming To Town!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Well, we did it! What started as a dream nearly six years ago with the birth of our first daughter is now a full-fledged reality. We have a lease and everything.

During late night feeds and rocking marathons, Ryan and I dreamt up this magical, elaborate play space for kids that we thought was out of reach. To be fair, our original concept would have cost several million dollars. But epic it would be. Sleep deprived, and a little slap happy, we kept dreaming and began small. We launched THE little (slowly) to dig into our dream of creating spaces (both online and in-person) that foster community belonging and friendship while encouraging creativity and imagination.

Fast forward to the pandemic. Like a lot of people, we really took this time to go full-on family. We had our third child, Corbin, in April of 2020 which was amazing, scary, and crazy, all at the same time. Pandemic worry was new and in full force and our family hunkered down. Hard. We stayed in, ordered our groceries, and watched our littles grow together. We honed our concept…honed some more, and ended with what we now get to share with you!

The Little Village is a culmination of everything we love and have worked towards. We are passionate about thinking up unique ways to engage in our passions for design while making memories with our kids that will last a lifetime.

We have designed The Little Village to offer parents and caregivers an alternative option to the indoor jungle gym. A place where they can recharge and their children are able to explore, create, and dream big. Our offerings include drop-in play, daily crafts, art and tinker workshops, storytime on the “lawn”, family movie events, parties, and so much more. We will go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and a part of our community. From the thoughtful design of our space to allow for complete visibility of children, to the comfortable atmosphere and healthy snack options in the café, to our boutique retail area perfect for finding that special gift, we are creating a convenient hub for parents, and a unique and engaging play space for children.

Before Image

Stay tuned for our video walk-through! Just think, in three months time, this will be an amazing Scandinavian-inspired playspace for you and your littles.

We cannot wait to welcome you to our new space.


Ryan + Laura

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